Car Donations - Tip #6

There are a number of ways to donate your vehicle. Vehicle donations are performed by many philanthropic individuals. This is a way to save on your taxes and also do a service for the community. Car donations are easy to do, as there are many organizations that accept cars for donation. Vehicle donation is one way to feel that you are getting to help less fortunate individuals in the community and get a tax deduction for yourself as well. It is a great thing to do. There are several organizations that welcome and accept these vehicle donations.

Some of the Agencies that Accept a Vehicle Donation
The Humane Society is one of the agencies that accept vehicle donations. Bishop O’Dowd High School is another agency that will accept car donations. Other likely candidates may include The Boys & Girls Club, Amnesty International, AIDS Research and similar service organizations. In some cases, there is even a charity website that likely describes which agencies might accept a vehicle donation. Often, Animal Rescue and Shelter organizations will take these vehicles as well. Specialized organizations such as those dealing with Educational Foundations are another possibility. Car donations are easy to do.

Some Agencies will Give Rewards for a Vehicle Donation
Sometimes there will be rewards that are given for vehicle donations such as a free travel voucher or a hotel stay. It is really up to the individual agency as to what they choose to do. At the minimum you will get a tax deduction for donating your vehicle. Car donations are good to do for obvious reasons. It can really make the difference between an individual having transportation, and not having transportation anywhere for work, school, or being able to run errands and make essential medical appointments.
One can look to find the agencies that will best suit the individuals’ need to donate the car. Remember that car donations are definitely a powerful way to help fellow citizens in need. A vehicle donation is often easy to do and many people will benefit from it. Check with the particular agency that you want to donate to make sure that they are ready, willing, and able to accept your vehicle donation. You will also want to be sure that you can meet particular expectations for the vehicle in question: Such as whether or not a vehicle is in good running condition; or a non-operating condition.
In most cases, certain agencies don't accept vehicles that are too old or not passing inspections. This is an issue that an individual can discuss with a particular organization if they decide to make a vehicle donation.
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